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Nectarine is a variety of smooth-skinned peach. It grows in the peach Prunus Persica var. nucipersica, or apple of Persia.
The name nectarine means etymologically: sweet nectar. The Prunus Persica or peach, at the origin of the nectarine, appeared in the north of China 3000 years ago and was introduced in the West, through Persia and the Silk Road, by Alexander the Great. They are mutations that occurred during the 16th century that have attributed specific characteristics to the different fruits that grow in this tree. From the 17th century, different varieties were cultivated in England and Spain, from where they emigrated to America in 1722.
Nectarine is a variety of peaches whose core does not adhere to the pulp. It is distinguished from the peach by its smooth and shiny skin that has an orange color that turns towards the red. Its pulp can be yellow. It has a very marked and slightly acidic sweet flavor. The pulp can also be white, and in this case the fruit has a more subtle flavor. It is used fresh, juiced or preserved.
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